Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: China is biggest international supplier as of now and export huge materials across the world including India, UK, US, and European countries. The variety and range of goods available here is not found anywhere, thus buyer came here from all over world to buy goods. Quality of goods also non compromising and excellent in nature. Timely delivery of goods are also very committed and time bound.

Ans: Yes, you can get customized goods according to your requirement and sizes.

Ans: A person who is visiting china needed valid passport with minimum 6 month expiry date, he / she will be entitled for single or double entry visa from china embassy. We will provide other documents like invitation letter and local agent for visa process and home delivery.

Ans: Person needed 5 - 7 full working days to buy all goods.

Ans: We are dealing since 14 years with trusted vendors and aware about their qualities and stuff. Also we understand your requirements thus we are quality conscious towards your matching.

Ans: It takes 45 - 60 days to deliver at your door step.

Ans: Your building / rooms layouts, floor plans, sizes and drawings are sufficient to buy furniture.

Ans: Generally it wont happen because all goods packed, loaded and dispatched carefully being a routine pratice of suppliers. Also it is monitored and carefully checked by our staff till loading and dispatching at your destination. Even though if rarely it happens it will be compensate by supplier.

Ans: Yuan or RMB is local currency in china where 1 Yuan is equal to 0.141693 USD or 10.10 indian rupees . you can check current currency value here - Currency Converter

Ans: Yes, we help you in this concern. We have tieup with some good hotels nearby to market which save our time and local transport. Because we are giving them regular business, they charge us at lower side with best services. Also we can provide you hotel names and you can book online.

Ans: Yes you can find details with attached sheet alongwith there contact detail.
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Ans: Yes, there are specific indian restaurants which provides pure vegetarian and nonvegetarian quality food. Yes, continental restaurants are also there.

Ans: Yes, You can get home jain food.

Ans: No, Because chinese people also know english and our trained staff who knows hindi, english and chinese help you to coordinate with them.

Ans: Yes, Macao and HonKong is tourist places with 2 - 4 hours travel time.

Ans: Yes Guangzhou have good places for visit. You can find with attach sheet.
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Ans: Yes you can find market detail with attach file.
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Ans: Foshan is furniture hub of china which is situated one hour far from Guangzhou international airport. You can take direct flight from delhi to Guangzhou. You can also reach via Honkong, It is 3 - 4 hours journey from Honkong via Feri.

Ans: China is a very big country and has a varied climatic conditions spread over different regions of China. However the weather of big trade cities near Hongkong like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuai has the similar weather as we have in the northern parts of India.

Ans: China is comparatively very peaceful and law and order position is normal. The people are safe and there are very less crimes.

Ans: 2019 Chinese National Holidays are -
January 1st, 2019 – International New Year
February 4th to February 10th 2019 – Chinese New Year
April 5th 2019 – Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping Day)
May 1st – 4th 2019 – Labor Day
June 7th 2019 – Dragon Boat Festival
September 13th 2019 – Mid Autumn Festival
October 1st – 7th 2019 – National Holiday